Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whiny Post Day: Confused Questgivers

Look, I understand that hosting your own television show makes you a busy man, Mr. Robby Flay.

But... First. If a girl loves pie, why are you making her pancakes?

Not the same thing!

And if it takes 8 pumpkins to make a pie, why do you only accept 6... for pancakes?

Even 6 pumpkins is a helluva lot for ONE pie. Or are we still talking about these pancakes?

Huh?! I have a right to dailies that make sense.

This reminds me of that episode where he put soy sauce in his Pad Thai and everyone made fun of him. Seriously, SOY SAUCE in your PAD THAI!?! No wonder you think pies and pancakes are 'close enough'.

This post inspired by the original Whiner, Klepsakovic.
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