Thursday, May 5, 2011

furry friends

An unexpected change happened to the game with 4.1. I don't even remember reading about it, but pets no longer disappear when we log out or die.

Er, they do sometimes, but for the most part companion pets persist.

Which means, naturally, that we see a lot more pets in the raid. I'm changing my pets around, deciding which one I feel like for the night, or even for the fight (I like summoning my macaw when we get to the ship in Deadmines).

I've noticed that a lot of other people are doing the same. It's added a new flavor to the game, since pets are fun and seeing what other pets people have and choose is interesting. I /dance with a moonkin hatchling, cheer when someone's XT stomps a train, and click on the Wolpertinger until it makes the cooing noises.

I like it! Have your remembered to love your furry friends lately?