Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the enrage timer

My guild is working on Cho'gall.

On our last attempt (for we are the masters of the Last Attempt), we lasted long enough to wipe to the enrage timer.

I celebrate the enrage timer like a small victory. We kept everyone up. The tanks did what they needed to do. The healers did what they needed to do.

Now we just get our DPS to switch to adds a tiny bit faster and we get the loot!

The next time you hit an enrage timer, thank your healers.


  1. Completely agree! Enrage timers mean the healers have done their job. :) Hope you get Cho'gall down soon. (I'm sure you will!)

  2. Good luck with Cho! My guild just downed him for the first time a few hours ago, and we definitely owe it all to our amazing heals. :) Keep us updated! :D

  3. Thanks, guys! We're almost there. :)