Wednesday, November 3, 2010

quick thoughts on holy paladins #3

Hand of Sacrifice


Protector of the Innocent


There are a lot more opportunities to use this spell than there were before.

Have you been getting more mileage of out HoSac?


  1. You know, I haven't. I know I should be, but I keep forgetting. I will definitely try to use this more! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. The combo works well for times of minimal damage, but when there's high damage (where you'd usually use a damage reduction CD like HoSac), you still get one-shotted.

    After kissing the floor twice from HoSac one shots, I've gone back to only using it if I can bubble at the same time!

  3. Hand of Sacrifice last for 12 seconds, Divine Shield (bubble) lasts for 8 sec and both trigger the global cooldown. So it means that you have to bubble first so that you don't take damage in the 1.5 seconds it takes to refresh your GCD (or 1 second with enough haste) which gives you 6-7 seconds of actual completely mitigated damage absorption.

    Another thought and one that falls into the theme of this post is pairing Divine Protection with Hand of Sacrifice. it will give you 20% damage reduction and since it is off the GCD you can macro the two spells together. and will cover you for 10 of the 12 seconds that Hand of Sacrifice is activated. With Protector of the Innocent giving self heals you should be able to recover form 20% health relatively fast.

    And to make it even more tempting is the way the talent Paragon of Virtue basically lines these abilities to be used together every minute and a half.

    This all depends on how the damage hits though, if you absorb a large hit and then take AoE damage be for you get healed back up you could end up tanking the floor for the rest of the fight.

  4. Wow, Ophelie! I must have had some great luck, because I haven't been one shot or even been put in danger. Granted, I'm not attempting to use it during "Phase 3's" without the bubble.

    Anonymous, you're right. I used to pair up Divine Sacrifice with Bubble, but now we don't have that (as holy paladins), so it frees us up to bubble with HoS.

  5. Tank and healer life is very high in Cata. I've been using sac on tanks in cata heroics with no problem. Raid damage might be different but with Divine Protection and bubble now if we really need it, sac is extremely good, especially at 1.5min cd talented.