Friday, November 5, 2010

Guest Post

I have a neat surprise this evening. Since I've been pounding away at NaNoWriMo (20k, somehow or another), Mayhem is doing a guest post!

Wrath of the Lich King brought me from casual player to raider extraordinaire. On the verge of the Cataclysm, these are the most important lessons I can offer.

This may seem obvious, but don't name your character something you don't wish to be called. Also, take into consideration your name will likely be abbreviated.

I named my warrior Madammayhem. What a sweet name! Madammayhem, Consort of Chaos! Dame of Destruction! According to wowarmory, nine copycats agree. I am so completely awesome.

The reality of the situation:

Everyone calls me Madam. If you're not aware, “madam” isn't really a super cool thing to be called as a guy. Especially when they snicker afterward.

In my defense, I had no intention of raiding.

Since I did end up raiding, I tried to not let on that it bugged me. Sometimes when they called me, “Hey, Madam...,” I'd respond in the lowest voice I could muster, “Yes, sir?” I'd like to think it made them more uncomfortable than it made me, but maybe the joke just got old.

Regardless, I plan on getting a race change in Cata, so I think the accompanying name change will remedy the situation. Here are some of the ideas I'm considering; look for me on Pansyric, Sissypher, or Homogenous. What could go wrong?

At least I'm never confused for a forest.

I started playing late in BC and while everyone else was raiding, I was mucking through Slave Pens. I think I ran h SP every day. I loooooved Slave Pens. I'm a freedom fighter at heart and Naturalist Bite was always appreciative. Besides, Kara seemed so daunting. There were somewhat well defined entry requirements and even when I met them, everyone already had their single obligatory enhancement shaman. At some point, my then roommate convinced me to level a toon on her server. I begrudgingly left Slave Pens and rolled a warrior of the Alliance.

Then Wrath came out.

I approached Naxx in much the same way as I had Kara – I mean, cautiously. No, I didn't run more Slave Pens, but a lot of new heroics were involved. I got in too late.

Once I started raiding, though, I loved it. Each new major content patch found me delving into raids a little sooner until I jumped right in to ICC. Developers had made raids more accessible, a trend they intend to continue in Cataclysm.

Now I'm in the #2 Ally guild on my server after turning down an invitation from numero uno. I'm eagerly awaiting the race to 85. I can't wait to plunge head first into the new raids.

The Lich King is out of wrath, and I still have a full Rage bar. Bring on Deathwing!

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