Friday, November 12, 2010

Guest Post: Use Your Brrain

Happy Friday! Here's another guest post by Madammayhem!

Wrath of the Lich King brought me from casual player to raider extraordinaire. On the verge of the Cataclysm, these are the most important lessons I can offer.

I can't take all the credit, though. I've learned so much from personal experience, yet so little compared to the knowledge I've garnered from those around me. Take what lessons you can from those who share your World, be they embittered veteran or plucky tyro. Here's a chronological account of what I learned from one prodigious hunter. Lets call him Brrain.

Week Two, 25 ICC:

Brrain: “This is Brrain. I need a heal.”

Healer: “Get out of the slime.”

Brrain: “Who's speaking? Who is that?”

Lesson #1 – Clarity. Be concise and precise. In the example, Brrain introduces himself and declares his need. All pertinent information is realized in his statement. It's important to note that this is Brrain's second week in the guild and his first raid with us.

Week Five, 25 ICC:

Leader: “Everyone switch targets. Everyone, please. I still see some people on the ooze. Hunters...”


Brrain: “This is Brrain. Who's talking right now?”

Lesson #2 – Tenacity. Focus on your goal. A single-minded pursuit can only achieve results. Many may try to impede you but if you stay on target, you will certainly prevail.

Week Nine, 25 ICC:

Brrain: “This is Brrain. Does anyone know how to train dogs?”

Tank 1: “Take the boss.”

Tank 2: “Got em.”

Brrain: “Anyone? Rescue...?”

Leader: “Beasts are coming up. Stop aoe.”

Brrain: “Guard dogs...?”

Leader: “Let's focus here people...”

Week Ten, 25, ICC:

Brrain: “Raidleader, this is Brrain. I'm gunna be late. I'm um... I'm bleeding. I got bit...”

Lesson #3 – Know your limits!

Week 14, 25 ICC:

Healer: “I don't know if I'm gunna be able to make it tonight. I feel a migraine coming on.”

Brrain: “If you just take a spoon... or your thumb... and put it in your mouth. There's a spot in your mouth... a pressure point. You can press on it and it... well, it won't make the headache go away, but it'll subside. (pause) This is Brrain.”

Healer: “I just don't think that's going to work.”

Leader: “That's fine, hon. I hope you feel better.”

Lesson #4 – Connect. Wow is a social game, after all. A little understanding goes a long way.

Week 16, 25 ICC:

Brrain: “Raidleader, this is Brrain. I'm missing Arcane Empowerment.”

Leader: “No one gives you Arcane Empowerment. It's an aura. If a person providing the aura is in raid, you get the buff.”

Brrain: “This is Brrain. Everyone else has Arcane Empowerment and I don't. I need someone to give me Arcane Empowerment.”

Leader: “Hmm... so you don't. Well, I don't know why it's happening but it looks like you're getting the same buff from the ret pally. He's talented for it. It's the same buff. It just doesn't show up on your bar. Don't worry—you have it.”

Brrain: “This is Brrain. I still need Arcane Empowerment.”

Week 21, 25 ICC:

Brrain: “Raidleader, this is Brrain. I'm still missing Arcane Empowerment.”

Raider: “Brrain, you have it! EVERYONE HAS IT! You can't not have it!”

Brrain: “This is Brrain. Who was that just speaking?”

Chorus of Raiders: “Brrain, you have the buff.”

Leader: “Brrain, the buff is provi... no... just no. Brrain, I hate to do this but we go over this every week, three nights a week. Please, don't ask again.”

Week 22, 25 ICC:

Brrain: “Raidleader, this is Brrain. I... I uh... (/sigh)... I need Arcane Empowerment.”

Lesson #5 – Caution. Know when to advance slowly. Some situations require finesse.

Week 25, 25 ICC:

Brrain: “This is Brrain. Who just said that?”

Raider: “Nevermind, Brrain. It's a wipe now. You have to stay out of the slime and switch targets when we tell you.”

Brrain: “Raidleader, this is Brrain. How do you turn someone up in vent?”

Leader: “Go to miscellaneous... ”

Brrain: “Raidleader this is Brrain. I can't see the names in vent.”

Leader: “... and then you click volume...”

Raider: “OH MY GOD!”

Brrain: “This is Brrain and I can hear you just fine now.”

Lesson #6 – Be prompt, or don't procrastinate. Remove obstacles to your success as they arise. Handle problems while they're manageable.


  1. Fantastic. Thank you for the post!

  2. That was great. Deffinately sharing this on my guild website!

  3. This has become a rather amusing post to quote in my guild now. We even have 2 guildies (I was a third for awhile, but didn't stick with it) named Brrain and Brainn...I think I was Braain.

  4. Lesson#7 Raiding with Braain was a constant lesson of practicing patience with people who were dealt a bad hand in life.

    Good post good memories.

  5. ...I am SO SORRY I put you guys through him! Seriously...this is the leader. If only we didn't always need him as a 25th, he would not have come.

  6. Oh, my. It's totally fine, we still laugh about it. I would have rather had this experience (all 8 times!) than called it. @_@

    Also, can I just say your comment is... NEAT?!

  7. So Jason just linked me this tonight. I had forgotten about, uh, Brrain. I completely lost it when I got to the Arcane Empowerment part. Three weeks of that. I don't think I've ever been so frustrated with a raider.

  8. Who's Jason? Who IS that? This is Brrain...

    (and yes, it is neat! :P )