Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Paladin, Two Judgements? tells us how to be all-star healers (or tries to). He states obvious things like resurrecting your dead party/raid members (wouldn't it be better to not let them die in the first place?). But anyways. I'll digress and ask the serious question that cropped up in my mind after I read this:
With a 20 second duration (30 seconds with our T9 set bonus) and only a 10 second cooldown (less if retribution sub-spec), you can keep two different Judgement effects on two different targets at the same time.
I was a bit confused, since the tooltip for Judgement of Light reads "Only one Judgement per Paladin can be active at any one time." I had always interpreted that to mean, (brace yourself here) "only one judgement per paladin can be active at any one time." So am I missing something here? I really could have sworn that if judged one thing, it erased the judgement I had on another.

I mean, if this opens up new worlds to me, I'm all about new possibilities. Is it really that simple, that one paladin can have two judgements, or is this some serious misinformation?


  1. Uhhh... I was also under the impression that if I judged a second target, my first judgement disappeared. It sounds like he's just thrown numbers together and made something up without actually thinking about how the spell works at all.

    I'd say either most of the paladin community has been seriously misinformed for a very long time, or the author really needs to spend some quality time learning how to play his class. Scary stuff.

  2. Much as I may hate to admit it, he's right. I never thought it worked otherwise, but that's because I've played a hunter for four years.

    Like a hunter's sting, a paladin cannot have more than one judgement up on one target at a time. Hunters can't have Serpent Sting AND Viper Sting, and we can't have JoL AND JoW up.

    But if a hunter pops Serpent Sting on Mob A and Viper Sting on Mob B, that works. And the same works with us. We can use the same judgement or different ones, doesn't matter, so long as they're on different mobs, not the same one.

    I just verified it by dropping out of Dal and trying it out on two mobs. JoL on one, 10 seconds later I had JoW on another.

  3. PS: I should add that without 2pc T9 and without 2/2 Improved Judgements, this would be tricky to keep up in the best of times. And I still strongly recommend 2/2 Imp Might over Imp Judgements if you're going a ret subspec. :)

  4. Thanks for the info! I agree, I doubt I'd be able to ever make that successfully work in any progression-type environment. I was just blown away that I had misunderstood the mechanic for pretty much my whole paladin career.
    Can't say I was ever interested in T9, so not gonna even think about making that work... =P

  5. Yup, you can have two different mobs Judged at once. It is actually a trick that I use during Blood Princes-25, since I'll be healing two tanks who are tanking two different princes. I've also been known to work it in during Prof Put when the slimes are up or during the Lich King during the two-tank phases. It's a nice, nice healing cushion if you can work it out. (Targetoftarget = win for it)

  6. Oh, I should note that I do it without 2t9 or Imp. Judgments. It isn't as hard as it probably sounds. :)

  7. Yes you can, the description would more be accurately stated as "only one judgement per paladin can be active on a target". I try to click other mobs and get as many judgements of light running in parallel as I can (I guess that would be only 2 without having 2 piece tier 9 anymore), but surely it's worth it. 'Course, if they're in there fixing things, they should spell it judgment not judgement, but that's a minor nit, and a whole different debate :-).