Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Achievement Spam (Uld 10HMs)

Last night we went into Ulduar to start doing hardmodes in 10 players.

I have not had that much fun in a raid in a while. We wiped several times on Levi but in a good group, I could care less if we were wiping. We were still making improvements every time. Honestly, at least one of those wipes was me, and I learned from the experience.

I am excited about the way that the RL set up the group. We go in for an hour (maybe two if everyone has time) on Monday nights, get a couple of bosses down, and go about our merry ways. This is perfect - most of us didn't want to add yet another four hour raid session to our raid schedules (four is plenty), but I still wanted a chance to get into Ulduar. I've never really been there on my paladin (my "declared main" was priest through most of Naxx and Ulduar, and that was back when we were sticking strictly to 10 man progression on a fairly casual level). We drastically outgear it, but there will be some challenges there. Ulduar trash can still kick our asses if we pretend we can't possibly fail. There are some fights I've only seen on 25 after my guild already had it on farm, so I never got to learn them the same way.

It was quite delightful to get Leviathin down and have all ten of us get four different achievements. That was quite some nice achievement spam!

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