Monday, December 28, 2009

This Week In 10's

This week in raiding ended up being a bit unusual (Holidays will do that!). The most notable was I finally got my ICC10 clear. Mayhem and I joined a group with a couple of people we used to run with a few tiers ago and filled in the rest with some randoms. The first night we downed Marrowgar but with three healers, Lady D's adds slapped us around. We switched to two healers but still couldn't get her down because the adds got out of control.

That night I was with a really scrubby druid. At some point I noticed that I was really the only one doing anything, and if I didn't heal it, it didn't get healed. So long as people move from DnD, though, it was working out fine until the adds started to pile up. I've solo healed Phase 2 a couple of times now, where we ended the fight with two tanks, me, and a couple of dps, so we just need to get to Phase 2. We couldn't, even with six dps.

The group disbanded, but we managed to get together again over the weekend with some new DPS and a new healer. I had to practically beg the RL to only do two healers. He was so against it. I would be too, in a true pug situation, but we were bringing in quite a few people from our own guilds (including the other two healers he wanted to bring). I whined till I got what I wanted, and he asked one of his priests to bring his shadow spec. At this point I'm getting myself a bit nervous because if I'm begging to trim healers, I had better not be failing.

I didn't need to worry. We one-shot Lady D, airship, and Saurfang. Encounters are not hard to heal. Stupid players are hard to heal. We had no stupid, therefore, it was easy.

We used the cheat strat for Saur (where you knock the beasts off the ledge), which I heard last night has already been hotfixed and unusable (I'm not surprised, I called it a cheat strat because that's what it feels like). I have a feeling the next time we try the fight we will have to work a bit harder.

The other 10 man I did that was definitely worth mentioning was ToGC. I'm four of five bosses now (still no Anub). We had a really fun group, otherwise. It took us a couple of tries to do Jaraxxus (too many mistresses, sigh), we one-shot faction champs (woo-hoo!), and the Twins was surprisingly not much harder than regular (the damage being thrown around isn't that much worse, they just have an extra special ability which wasn't that hard to deal with since you just have to switch colors an extra time or so). I'm happy we got those bosses down. It's late to get the HM achievement for ToC, but I would still like it, and it's still something to do each week until there is more to do in ICC.

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