Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aura Mastery - Twelve Uses

This week in raiding I tried to push out extra uses for Aura Mastery in my healing. My list was not as big as I had wished for, however, 12 uses for Aura Mastery in the last two tiers of content isn't shabby for one talent point. They are situational. Their usage and efficiency will depend a lot on the people in your raid.

I haven't gotten in to ToGC10 other than getting my feet wet in NRB, but uses for AM in these fights has been powerful and necessary. It was enough to be really glad I had Aura Mastery for all three phases of the fight. It's disheartening that we are losing 40% of the duration, but I . (Thanks 3.3!)

1. Concentration Aura - Northrend Beasts - Phase 1 - Gormok the Impaler, Snobold Vassal - Batter.
2. Fire Resist Aura - Northrend Beasts - Phase 2 - Acidmaw - Burning Bite.
3. Frost Resist Aura - Northrend Beasts - Phase 3 - Icehowl - Arctic Breath.
4. Concentration Aura - Lord Jaraxxus - Mistress of Pain. Kiss
5. Fire/Shadow Resist Aura - The Twin Valkyr. Surge or I just felt like eating an orb or two.
6. Frost Resist Aura - Anub'arak. Phase 3, Penetrating Cold.
7. Fire Resist Aura - Razorscale. Flame Breath.
8. Concentration Aura - Ignis. Flame Jets. OR. Fire Resist Aura and just absorb some Flame Jets, Slag Pot, or Scorch.
9. Frost Resist Aura - Hodir. Frozen Blows.
10. Fire Resist Aura - Mimiron. Plasma Blast.
11. Fire Resist Aura - Onyxia. Breath. Or Blast Nova.

So there's ten raiding situations where a group could benefit from Aura Mastery. The last reason...

12. Crusader Aura - Speed Boost!

Is entirely a paladin quality of life perk, but it makes farming a bit more enjoyable.

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