Monday, December 28, 2009

A Rant - Down those adds already!

Most guilds canceled their sanctioned raids for this week so Mayhem and I decided to put together an ICC25 last night. Before we were even finished with the random H, we got whispers asking us if we wanted to come join a group. I should have known it wasn't going to go well when we started getting whispers from other members of the raid telling us to hurry up, they were getting tired of waiting for us (to finish a 5 man). When I had agreed to go, I had made it clear we were going to finish up our run and then join the group. We finally did join and they aren't even full, they are still looking for more dps. I get summoned in, and I get prompted to get saved.

I really have only two pieces of gear that need replacing ASAP. Everything else I have is at least 245, but I'm sporting the Naxx shield, so I really should do Marrowgar every week to get that replaced. I was a little disappointed that when I was invited no one had bothered to mention it wasn't a full run (on top of getting random whispers telling me to hurry up when they weren't even ready), seeing some of the names on the raid roster made me wonder just how much fail this run is going to be.

Oh, the fail was... fail. The RL was newer to the fight (which was fine), but there were no solid explanations given. Curses were falling off instead of being dispelled. Adds were multiplying like baby rabbits in a cartoon. Death and Decay was flying around and killing everyone (oh wait. It doesn't move. All you have to do is step out of it and then it can't hurt you). Mayhem "took over" a bit at this point and gave out some solid assignments for groups and some general expectations for this fight. Everyone was complaining because target switches hurt their dps, they wanted to be able to stay on the boss (I've heard that complaint from every class now. Everyone loses DPS when they switch target, quit QQing and down those adds already!) Three our four tries later, they call it because people have to go, which was fine, we never got past the second wave of adds so it wasn't like we had made progress.

In vent chat we heard that they had no plans of continuing the save (they weren't raiding again until after reset), so we decided to put a new group together and get back in there for a couple more hours. It ended up being kinda funny because not only did a handful of people from the first run end up joining us again, but the old RL did too. Mayhem let him know we weren't trying to be shady, we just wanted to keep working on something we had started, and so did he.

Our second group went a lot smoother, although having the DPS to down the adds was still a huge problem. We decided to go with five healers, which scared one of our other healers (usually an awesome ele shaman, he went resto). We whispered each other back and forth, he was most afraid for being blamed for not being able to heal through stupid. I assured him if anyone was dying from stupid, I'd be calling it out on vent.

And I did. Immediately. I only had to say something the first two times someone stood in Death and Decay, because once people realized that they would be called out by name, they hauled ass to not be named. I am not mean about it. In fact, I'm super-sticky-sugary-sweet about it and I've been told that the more frustrated I am, the more patient I sound. Our group was really good with getting out of DnD and dispelling the curse - more than once I was cursed and it was off before I could even ask for it. That's awesome dispelling.

We still weren't able to get her down, because we kept getting overwhelmed with adds. I don't want to blame the DPS for that entirely - it was only certain individuals who were not following directions. When a tank died from a mutant, we called for a battle rez. It was then I noticed that our feral druid was still merrily focusing the boss, oblivious to all the dying (he was assigned to a side, not the boss). In fact, we had a handful of people doing it. Even more amazing is that after we called out certain people by name to not be on the boss while there are adds up, they still did it the next wipe.

Anyways. Lady D is going to be a bane fight until the DPS can outgear it, because asking all 17 to work together is apparently a lot to ask for. I normally don't mock people as blatantly as I have in this post, but the recurring theme with all of my failures this week is "someone else didn't do what they needed to do so I didn't get my badges". It's really frustrating to know you brought your A game and pulled out some of the best tricks in your playbook (with less healers), to see two rogues and a kitty not follow directions because their personal standing on the wipe-meter is more important than the group getting a kill. The lesson learned here is that next time the kicks will be swift. I am patient and understanding about people learning fights, but I have no patience for anyone who refuses to be a team player in an MMORPG. If our strat is bad, let's talk about making it better; abandoning the strat and doing your own thing will always be a wipe. And why are we wiping? Get those adds down so we can get to Phase 2 already!

TL;DR: Healing encounters is easy, healing stupid players is hard. Also get those adds down so we can get our loot already!

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