Tuesday, October 19, 2010

quick thoughts on holy pallies

just a couple of observations i made in raid tonight...

1. they are changing Speed of Light, but until they do, if you proc Infusion of Light:
cast Divine Light and use the Speed of Light proc
THEN cast Holy Light and use the Infusion of Light proc

2. don't heal your holy paladin friends.
seriously. we don't need it. we're our own frickin' lightwell.

3. Eternal Glory is ridiculous.
three times on heroic princes tonight, i got 3 Word of Glory's from the same holy power.

4. Holy Shock must absitively, posolutely be used on cooldown.
i made a training wheel icon - gigantic so i can't miss it.
moar holy power. /yes

(we're still not rockin' those meters, but i feel like i actually sorta earned my spot tonight.)


  1. One little tip for heroics... you *don't* need to use Holy Shock every cooldown if your tank is the only one taking damage. (On tougher fights like going up the ramp in Pit of Saron, which I find tougher than most boss fights, you need to. But, there's a lot of time the damage is only going to the tank in other heroics.)

    You can, instead, just use flash of light or holy light on the Beacon target to get your Holy Power. That allows you to save Holy Shock for when those damage spikes hit.

    I still prefer having Holy Shock available, when I'm able to, for emergencies. In Cata with the damage evening out and mana costs going up, it will be way more necessary to use it on cooldown, but for right now in the spiky damage and high-mana environment of Wrath, it's just better to save it for when you have to use it.

    In my opinion, of course. Just going on experience.

  2. Holy Shock is like an instant cast Holy Light every 6 seconds and the talents make it stronger than Holy Light(+10% crit, +30% heal). It gives you holy power, it gives you 30% haste buff, and its crits give you infusion of light buff and helps in keeping Conviction stacks up more than any other heal spell. If you are not using Holy Shock on CD, it is fine; if you are using it for emergencies only, you are doing it wrong, at least in a raid setting.

  3. I've found that for emergencies, FoL hits quite a bit harder than Shock. I haven't stepped into a single five man since probably 3.2, though.

    I was thinking about all the changes, though, and I realize that before the switchover I had a lot less mp5 than most paladins, which means I now have a lot less spirit (369). So for me, instead of reforging to not run OOM constantly, I'm playing more like I imagine I will in Cataclysm, with a focus on building Holy Power. It's made it more fun for me, and I want to build up the really good habit of shocking on cooldown.

    Yeah, perhaps now we can get away with not shocking on cooldown, but with all the fun things a Shock can proc, I still want to cast it all the time. Speed of Light is a nice talent (till/if they change it).