Friday, April 8, 2011

one hand isn't enough

Fact: Priests, Shamans and Druids get staffs, along with an assortment of 1-handed weapons they can use with off hands.

Fact: Paladins of the Self-Righteous variety (*cough* Holy *cough*) only get to choose between a handful of 1-handed weapons.

Totally My Opinion: Blizzard should implement 2-handed caster maces. Paladins would get another option, maces are totally sweet, it makes sense for Shamans, Druids, and Paladins to have a gigantic mace, and, seriously, I have to admit: I would love to not have a shield for just one tier.

We'd get to cross our fingers on weapon drops for more than one boss.


With 3 classes and 5 specs being able to use 2-handed maces, adding it to the loot table wouldn't clutter things up so badly.

Did I mention it would give us more options for loot?

Yes, gigantic caster maces would be amazing.


  1. •Paladins can use 6 types of weapons. Only 2 of those have traditionally shown up as caster weapons. They also use Tomes, which is not shared with any other class. Paladins can use shields, which they share with shaman.
    •Shaman can use 6 weapon types, 3 of those can be caster weapons. They use Totems, which is not used by any other class. Shaman can use shields, which they share with paladins.
    •Druids can us 4 weapon types, 3 of which can be caster. They use relics that are not shared with any other class.
    •Priest can only use 3 types of weapons, all of which can be caster weapons. They use wands, which are shared with warlocks and mages.

    Giving specifically shaman, druid, and paladins a new caster weapon type is a bit short sighted, not because holy paladins don't need another weapon option (they do) but because shaman and druid don't need another. You'd effectively be giving two classes 4 options, while only evening out paladins with priests. I'm still not sure that's going to have the desired effect in the long run.

    What should happen is that paladins should be given a two-handed caster sword once per tier. It wouldn't be best in slot, just like staves are never best in slot for shaman, druids, or priests. That would give pallys more weapon options, while keeping all four healers at 3 weapon types, 2 of which allow for min/maxing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn!
    You are right, giving druids and shamans another option would be a bit much, since they have the most flexibility right now.

    However, since 4.0, the librams, relics, and totems have been streamlined so that all classes use a more generic relic. Priests, warlocks, and mages are the "odd ones out", only able to use wands.

    With a couple of exceptions, my paladin has been using a one-handed caster mace for most of her healadin career. Our only other option is swords, and most swords seem to have hit on them.

    A big caster sword would be sweet. Much sweeter than a mace, even. I figured a mace would be less of a pipe dream to suggest, since more classes could use it.

    Either way, I really am tired of my paladin carrying around a rock on a stick.

  3. I didn't know they'd made relics more generic - I still haven't leveled a new pally, boohoo losing custody of my baby pally... =( Thanks for the info!

    I really hate maces as a priest myself. They're always a bit ugly and christmas ornament looking in my opinion. I wish they'd make staves on par with a main hand + offhand. I prefer them aesthetically, but they're always slightly worse, either in stats, enchants or something.

    One thing that bothers me with pallys is armor proficiency, actually. Priests, Shaman, and Druids all have a few non-spirit throughput options without hit, but caster plate always has spirit on it. Why are there no throughput options for healadins, particularly when all the paladins I raid with aren't having any issues with mana?

    With the way the game has evolved I wish they'd just abandon set stats on gear. Have each piece of gear come with a base set of stats, then allow a person to completely reforge all the secondary stats to whatever they please. If I take an upgrade with hit because no one else needed it, I'm still going to take a spirit item later because I was never able to purge all the hit off that item. That just seems silly to me. It's stupid that caster dps have to deal with trace amount of spirit when they reforge a healer item, and healers have to do the same with hit... yet melee don't have to worry about spirit showing up on their strength and agi gear.

    It just seems like lack of oversight, across the board - -;

  4. If anything they should add 2H tanking weapons, at least more that 1 class would be able to use those!

  5. Dawn, I think you're right. I know Blizzard didn't want us be able to craft our own BiS-gear (it would really highlight how players feel about mastery, crit, and haste!), but the system as it is, is... yeah.

    Paladin healing is a strange, strange thing. On one hand, we want less spirit because we have an extra power type to manage and heal with. On the other, our direct heals are quite expensive to balance out that 'extra' power. Our AoE heal is on such a long cooldown that we can pop it every thirty seconds and never worry about the mana cost. It's casting Divine Light and Flash of Light (the only two decent heals we have, really) that hurt.

    Whoa, that was a derail. It does feel like oversight, that's for sure.

    Anonymous, thanks for stopping by. I do agree, I would love to see more 2H weapons for everyone!