Wednesday, December 8, 2010

are you 85 yet?

I'm kidding.

There are a handful of folks who are already max level, but I am not one of them. I just hit 82 last night and saw that I the XP needed to level went up quite a bit. Three people in my guild got the achievement, and I've seen a handful of bloggers put up their obligatory "I'm 85!" post.

I put up my first poll in the sidebar. Are you leveling as a healer?

Since my paladin is a team character with Mayhem (who, after a Worgen change, is now officially known as Luxinterior), I decided to keep (both) my holy spec(s). Considering how busy the quest hubs are right now, it hasn't mattered too much. It's been more important for me to tag mobs than it is to mow them down (which Lux does with efficiency anyways). Turns out all those hours camping HNMs in FFXI with keyboard spam weren't wasted after all!

As a side note, I was surprised at how many players don't understand how tagging in WoW works. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised. Yet, I was.

Post derailed! If you wouldn't mind taking the poll, I'd appreciate it. If you have nifty experiences to share while leveling your healer, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


  1. Since dual specs weren't around previous expansions, I had to make the hard choice of healer or DPS. Sometimes I chose healer, sometimes DPS. This go round, it's not much of a choice (for me). I've got dual specs on all my 80's and intend to use it if/when I feel it would help. For my priest, whom I am leveling first, I'm trying out shadow. I have no clue what I'm doing, really, but I'm somehow pulling around 2k DPS. I'll take it.

    It's leading to some interesting inner diologue though. When a quest reward comes up that's cloth, "Ohhh, that's nice. Got hit on it and loads of stam and...wait, wait, I'm a healer! I'm....comfused." It's disconcerting, for me. And then I have to keep up 2 specs when I level. Augh. I leveled as Holy on my pally for Lich King and when I took my priest from 70-80 after transferring her, she stayed Disc as well. It wasn't bad on the priest, since I did alot of dungeons and on the pally, I had a prot pally at my side. So I think it depends on each person and if they're leveling mostly solo, in dungeons of with a partner/group.

    P.S. I have a seashorse and it's SO COOL!

  2. Endyme, Yes! The seahorse is awesome!! I got one last night and I'm really happy with the underwater zones.

    Everything has so much stamina on it, I double-take everything I see, oh, that isn't for tanking after all...