Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tanking Pet Peeves: The FNG

Today's Contained Rant: The FNG Tank.

Perhaps he's been a DPS for most of the expansion, but decided it was time for him to hop into his protection off-spec and go at it. Or maybe he's a newer player to the guild, again, main spec dps or healer, who's doing some temporary tanking. Or maybe she thinks she's doing the raid a favor. Hey, cool, sometimes we need those less-than-full-time tanks to be ready. I do appreciate the efforts that people take to keep us raiding.

That being said, there's a huge difference between being a new tank and being that guy. It's attitude. I find myself having lots of patience for folks learning new roles, but I think we can all agree: no one wants the FNG. You know, the guy who is new but doesn't think he has anything to learn.

1. I really am glad you're doing your best to pick up the adds, but please don't EVER use Righteous Defense on the main tank. The Lich King is not a ping-pong ball, and it tends to freak out everyone in the raid. Yeah, and please don't, when you're asked by the raid leader not to EVER DO IT AGAIN, respond in vent with an attitude that clearly says you're waiting for it to come off cooldown to use it (again).

2. It's great that you're learning your class, but please don't assume that the other tanks have an equivalent to each of your abilities. Oh, and please don't assume it was the tanking that wiped us suddenly. It's not okay for you to get in vent in a 25-man raid and ask the tank "why don't you just use your AOE taunt on the player who has the adds?". That's because warriors, druids, and death knights don't have anything quite like Righteous Defense. And really, we didn't wipe from a tanking issue so please clear vent so we can trouble-shoot what DID wipe us.

3. Thanks for your flexibility, but we don't suddenly need you to to tank all the time. No, really, we've been doing this boss for almost a year now with these two tanks who are BOTH HERE RIGHT NOW IN TANK SPEC, why are you whispering the raid leader about this?

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