Tuesday, September 7, 2010

stupid things i didn't know

Randomness here today.

1. I used to think it was great because early in Wrath I taught myself to fly from Dalaran anywhere from Northrend. Well, normal people with their functional computers can see Dalaran from miles away. This is only a skill when you have all your settings turned down (honestly, it's not even then).

2. I had some serious totem envy in Gnomergon when I saw that someone else's fire totems looked way sweeter than mine. I pondered this for runs and runs--was he specced for this?--and then it hit me. Each race of Shaman has it's own totem. Mine only look like fence posts because I play a cow. I've been on the Alliance side for so long I got used to their only being two types of shaman (big shoulders or not).

3. The Lich King is dead! And I was able to christen my shiny new computer by one-shotting him the very first day I had it with a well-constructed PUG. (Perhaps not a stupid thing I didn't know, but still news.) And no, I didn't release when we all died. I did DPS the hell out of him after we got rezzed, though. Gogo 3k judgements!

4. Paladin heals have graphics. I used to love Holy Shock when it made the recipient shudder as they got the heal, like Prayer of Mending or maybe that I was just trying to knock over the dps. Turns out there's golden light there, too.

5. Today is Tuesday. I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday, and wondered why in the world I couldn't fill up the Auction House before I went to work... Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I can definitely appreciate the "finding Dalaran with low graphics settings" skill, even though I have a good computer now. Now if that damn airship in Icecrown wasn't always on the move...

  2. Oh, yeah... That airship owned me all the time!!