Thursday, August 5, 2010

Healers Who Don't Wanna

Have you noticed a trend in healers who don't wanna?

I have, but I'm not sure that I qualify to talk about it. Most of my memories from the beginning of the expansion was focused primarily in 10's, where we had a semi-steady group where we would pug at least a warm body or two. We ended up in some pretty strange Naxxs - three holy paladin teams (never again!), hardly ever any heroism, retribution paladins ahoy.

The one thing I remember frustrating the snot out of me was a shortage of 'main spec' healers. We'd always end up finishing the group by inviting another dps and asking the priest/druid/paladin to switch (grumble, grumble) to their offspec. And more often than not, it would sour the rest of the evening because they couldn't just say "I'm here to dps. I don't have fun healing."

(Better yet - don't keep a holy/resto off spec!)

Rant completed, I haven't run into this in a while, but like I said: I do 25s with a raiding guild. A set roster and steady group decrease my chances of running into healers who don't wanna. We have enough (close to it) healers who prefer to heal. The dps who heal offspec riptide with the same vigor of lava burst.

So I'm curious. I've "noticed" that there are less now, but I'm not looking for them either. Lately, have you run into healers who don't wanna?

(Quick note: If you're a dps who enjoys healing and/or tanking too, I love you.)

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  1. I have totally noticed an increase in healers that don't wanna. I play a Pally tank as my main, and in one night I had a string of THREE healers who pretty much flat out zoned into the instance, and stated up front "I don't wanna heal, so don't do anything to make it difficult for me, or I won't heal you."

    It started with the Spriest who assured us that they could "heal a heroic perfectly well because of the healing I can do in shadow", who left in a huff after declaring that I "sucked as a tank because I was taking to much damage."
    I'm def-capped, and I'm gemmed for a reasonable amount of mitigation, I'm more than adequate for the heroics I agree to tank for, and I've never had a problem with any other healer, even really under-geared healers.

    Second healer zoned in and made the comment I listed above. For that healer, I told them "Then I'll make it really easy for you" and I dropped group. As a tank, I depend on my healer, and I try to be a very conscientious tank when it comes to healer mana, and healer position. I guarantee you that if you're healing me, you WILL be the last to die in the group. But I can't do anything if you flat don't want to try.

    I don't remember exactly what the third healer did/said....but it was enough that since then, I only agree to tank if I bring my own healer, and then generally only for guildies. I have to say that I really really like the LFD tool while leveling my alts....but I'm not overly fond of it at level cap anymore.

    TJGypsy - Alleria