Sunday, October 9, 2011

reluctant transmog

So... Blizzard has this brilliant, brilliant strategy. Since they know they aren't offering us enough new content this expansion, they tried to offer us a huge time-sink comparable to raiding that would set both raiders and non-raiders a-tizzy with excitement.

This time-sink recycles old content and encourages nostalgia runs.
It potentially demands re-running ad nauseum old content and nostalgia runs.
It puts enough restrictions that players will have to spend more time deciding what they want, then more time going and getting what they decided on.

Oh, transmog, you genius you.

I wasn't going to participate. How dare I accept transmog instead of a whole tier of raiding? How dare Blizzard think they can promise me more bosses for Cataclysm and only deliver us 7 for T12, then nerf the hell out of that and put this new shiny not-raiding thing before me? Huh? Huh!

And yet... I've been looking around for stuff I might like to be for my transmog set. Pally tier gear doesn't do it for me (though if I could replicate my ICC set I would, but I wore cloth and mail then). So I've been shopping on the Auction House. I found a set of greens from BC I think I really like. No pictures yet, I need a belt.

It all started when we were doing Ulduar (because we only had 22 people show up for a raid, and we had to do something). Lots of purple drops. This mace dropped off of somebody. I thought, hey, that's kinda neat. The loot officer said, take it, what else are we gonna do with it.

Granted, I love having my spellpower axe, but I'm also aware that next tier I'll probably be stuck with a mace. Again.

Since then I've been camping the AH looking for neat gear. And we're not able to use this feature yet! How ridiculous is this?


  1. I recently got back into doing loremaster (for the 2nd time) I found a couple of items that looked good transmog choices. Then i realised i have already done 50% of the sub 60 quests and deleted all proceeds and I wont have room to store this until void storage.:(

  2. Awww... that's a bummer, Ngita. That's the other thing I had wondered about, was all the gear that was unavailable to long-time WoW players because they had already done the content. It seems like a slap in the face that only newer players (or characters, for altoholics) get the full glory of Transmog.

  3. Biggest disappointment with Transmog? - You can't change a spear or sword into a fishingpole.

  4. Bob, the restraints they put on transmog to make it stay "serious" are ridiculous. If I want to raid with a 9-pound trout in my hand why can't I?

    My transmog set-in-progress looks as ridiculous as I can make it....

    Thanks for stopping by. :)