Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Freedom ain't free, but it's cheap...

Hand of Freedom. It has a short cooldown, dispels a multitude of effects, and--most importantly: costs almost half as much as cleansing. So whenever I can use HoF instead of Cleanse, I will.

It's the paladin way, after all. Why cast a normal ole spell when I can blow a cooldown? Getting rid of the effect just isn't enough when you can make your target IMMUNE for a few seconds and put swirly purple under his feet! (Granted, not too many effects need the following immunity, but still...)

So here is my work-in-progress list for Catclysm Things-That-Can-Be-Freedomized. There's a special page for this list on my side bar, and it will (hopefully) grow as we get new bosses to fight and new debuffs to cleanse.

I am happy, as always, to add to the list because there are things I haven't encountered or tried yet. So feel free to add to the list in the comments below or by sending me a note at enlynn ---- at ----- hotmail ---- dot ----- com.

Note: I had all these awesome ideas for posts and Bossy Pally beat me to a blogroll post with her awesome list, and Janyaa created this great Aura Mastery list. Enjoy!



Blackrock Caverns
A few here you would think could be cleansed by Freedom, but don't. Boo: Shackles, Shadow Prison, and Statis Strike. With names like these, HoF should totally work!

Vortex Pinnacle
stacking poison debuff used by Empyrean Assassins (rogue elemental trash).
Asaad does an ability every 15 or so seconds called Static Cling (you can also jump at the end of Static's cast, but we can safely assume that HoF will still come in handy).

Grim Batol
Twlight Drakes do an ability called Hooked Net that does not show up as dispellable, but your melee will love it if you free them.
Erudax does an ability called Binding Shadows. Sadly, HoF does not remove the debuff (though it will let you move, the ticking damage debuff must be removed via traditional means. Better yet, this can be avoided!)

Halls of Origination

Earthrager Ptah
Dustbone Tormentor, Trash before the Sand-Marrowgar boss does Curse of Exhaustion. Freedom!

The Lifewarden Nymphs before this boss do an effect called Entangling Shot.
Ammunae himself does a debuff called Wither. Your DPS friends will love you if you remove this buff sooner rather than later (this fight is long enough as it is!)

The Void Seekers before this boss can do Anti-Magic Prison makes the target immune to receiving heals. Hand of Freedom works, though it doesn't show up as a magic debuff to be dispelled.



Conclave of the Four Winds. I was disappointed when I tried using HoF for frost trap. No debuffing for us, here, at least on the Frost platform.

Alakir. (Info incoming, my raid group has yet to make any serious attempts on this boss).


Magmaw. No debuffs here that I'm aware of.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Enlynn! I added this post to my Aura Mastery. :)