Wednesday, October 27, 2010

brez is back!

MMO-Champion has the 4.0.1 beta

Ok. So... druids got the battle rez back down to 10 minutes, give me divine intervention back!!

Also, shamans didn't get any love.

Buffs for paladins. Still doesn't change the fact that I'm a Holy Shock slave. Also, with the change to LoH and Beacon we're left with no choices for major glyphs. Hopefully something good will happen with Glyph of Divinity.


  1. Ooooh, something did! Glyph of Divinity now gives you 10% of your MAXIMUM mana back anytime you cast LOH. (On anyone.)

  2. Oh, Kurn! I'm so happy, that's a great glyph!

  3. I was wondering why they had increased Rebirth's cooldown to begin with, after all it used to be thirty minutes way back and they decreased it for a reason in the first place...

  4. It didn't make sense to me, either, Shintar. It's not like we ever stacked druids for brezzes, and it's far easier for raid leaders to keep track of on a 10 minute cooldown.

    Now if we could just dispel that notion that one druid's battle rez puts all others on cooldown... :D