Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In-Game Personality Quirks

Do your in-game habits reflect your real-life habits?

I have a couple of interesting in-game "personality traits" that have no bearing whatsoever on my habits in real life. IRL I tend to be a minimalist. I have pretty much only what I need, mostly because I loathe shopping.

And yet, in game, I have characters and my own guild banks devoted to all the stuff I don't need, but love to have. I positively delight in a good deal on the Auction House. It doesn't matter so much if I already have plenty of something, if it's going cheap enough, I'll stock up and find a use for it. The first thing I do when I sign on is shop. I love shopping in-game, but I can't drag myself into a department store (or worse yet, a mall) save for that one time the week before Christmas.

I keep my characters stocked up to overkill levels of all supplies. My pally never leaves town without: three kinds of food, another three kinds of flasks, black jellies and regular waters, every color and quality of uncut gem, drums, more reagents than anyone could shake a stick at, and off-set gear as well as non-set gear.... holy crap, I have too much... crap. Did I mention I carried around a Scroll of Enchant Shield for two tiers of raiding for the special moment I got that upgrade? (It felt really good, at least...)

And yet, IRL, I leave the house with a little pouch that holds my license, and my keys. I'm simple and unburdened. Free, if you would. I had to find my purse today because I felt awkward going to a professional meeting without it. Otherwise, if it doesn't fit into my coat pockets, I don't need it. Not so for my in-game persona! If my bags are not clogged with consumables, craftables, and gear, I'm not ready. It will drive me nuts until I can restock (or even just get back to the bank where I keep my reserve-reserve of supplies).

Do you find yourself in the same situation, or do you feel that your character in-game reflects your character in the real world?

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