Sunday, January 24, 2010

Compromise and Balance

Last post I talked about switching my Holy/Ret dual spec to Holy/Prot and having the same talents for both specs with different glyphs. I wanted to update and talk about it. Last night I went into some five mans with my FoL gear/glyphs and bubblespec talents. I decided to give it a try without Glyph of Beacon of Light, because I couldn't say goodbye to Glyph of Holy Shock. I haven't raided with it yet but I had a lot of fun. I think Divine Guardian is really the fix to the GCD-lock pressure I was feeling. So there's my compromise - I switched my talents but not my glyphs.

After some reflection, I've decided I don't have two specialized specs like I thought I did. My main spec (stack Int, spam Holy Light) is extremely specialized, and it's my best gear. My off-spec gear isn't a full set - instead, it's several pieces of gear gemmed full-on for spellpower, filled out with the rest of new ICC gear that just can't compare to the 10 man/crafted gear I had for my offset. The end result is that I still have almost 30k mana self-buffed in my "spellpower set", while having more spellpower to give extra oomph to my FoL and Shock. I'm sure my Flashes don't Flash as hard as someone who's min-maxed and gemmed full spellpower, but it works for regular mode content and gives me two ways to play my paladin.

This is alluring to me because while I like being a specialized, single-focused min-maxer in my main spec, it's nice to have an off-spec that is balanced (well, more balanced). I have plenty of regen from gear/trinkets, and a nice mix of spellpower and Intellect. It makes "easy" stuff a bit more fun - nicer Holy Shocks for damage, heftier Judgements, and being able to forget about Divine Plea once in a while.

The other thing that I am happy about is the great Sacred Shield procs I got in Saurfang the other night using my new, more powerful Sacred Shield. Here's the log. I had been watching my amount absorbed by Sacred Shield for a while now, and while I used to have a low uptime on the buff, I've gotten much better about it and now I'm also focusing on trying to give my Shields the opportunity to proc (as well as get absorbed). In this log I absorbed almost 95k, which, while nothing compared to the raw healing that Holy Light is capable of, is a decent amount in a fight that's designed to encourage focus and consistency over max HPS.

In other news, with the changes we had to the raid roster and guild, we didn't get to any hard bosses this week because we just didn't have 25 people online. I really want to get in and learn Festergut and Rotface, but it looks like that's been pushed off for another week. Our guild has to recruit to cover these gaps. We need a tank and a couple of DPS (although more likely to happen will be one of our tanking-capable DPS will switch and we'll be recruiting DPS). I kinda wonder how that's going to go... This late in the expansion, there are players of all walks looking for guilds and things to do. I'm sure we will find people who want to raid, but will we find people who are able to jump in where we are at?

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